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Bulk Storage Rack Parts And Accessories

Product Highlights

Solid Decking
Size SKU
36″x x 18″d RS8561H1
36″x x 24″d RS8562H1
48″x x 24″d RS8302X1
Ribbed Decking
Width 24″ Depth 36″ Depth 48″ Depth
24″ RS652241 RS652361 RS652481
36″ RS653241 RS653361 RS653481
Particle Board Decking
Width 24″ Depth 36″ Depth 48″ Depth
60″ RS72544 RS72546 RS72548
72″ RS72554 RS72556 RS72558
96″ RS72564 RS72566 RS72568
Galvanized Flat Wire Decking
Width 24″ Depth 36″ Depth 48″ Depth
48″ RSGV4824FW6 RSGV4836FW6 RSGV4848FW6
60″ RSGV6024FW6 RSGV6036FW6
72″ RSGV7224FW6 RSGV7236FW6
Front-to-Back Supports
Depth SKU
24″ RS65824
36″ RS65836
48″ RS65848
Installation Accessories (2 Pack)
Item SKU
Back-to-Back Support RS65140
Back-to-Wall Support RS65145
End-Tie Plate RS65142
Anchoring Hardware
Item SKU
Anchoring Foot RS65130
Concrete Wedge Anchor RS8861

Bulk Storage Rack Parts And Accessories

Republic provides an extensive range of parts and accessories for bulk storage racks, offering solutions for anchoring and securing your storage systems. Our assortment includes accessories designed to ensure even spacing between rows of racks, promoting an organized and efficient storage setup. With a rich history spanning over almost a century, Republic remains the industry standard in racking solutions.


Our solid decking option, ensures a smooth, uninterrupted surface for your bulk storage rack. For enhanced versatility, consider our 20-gauge ribbed decking, designed with ribs that facilitate easy package retrieval and prevent pinched fingers. If cost-effectiveness is your priority, our particle board decking offers a durable solution. Our flat wire decking, complete with a galvanized finish, rests flush between the beams.

Front-to-Back Supports

Front-to-back supports are a valuable addition to our inventory, especially for those utilizing their plywood decking or opting for a decking-free setup. These supports play a pivotal role in reducing beam rotation when dealing with substantial loads and can even double as plywood supports when necessary. Installation is a breeze, requiring no tools or additional hardware. The quantity of supports needed per level is contingent upon the width of the beam, ensuring a tailored and efficient solution for your storage rack.

Installation Accessories

The versatile back-to-back support plays a pivotal role in securing one storage rack to another, ensuring not only stability but also uniform spacing without encroaching on valuable storage space. This invaluable addition facilitates the creation of well-organized rows of bulk storage racks, enhancing overall efficiency. On the other hand, the back-to-wall support securely fastens to an upright member and a wall, effectively maintaining shelving stability while creating essential clearance between the rack and the wall, thereby preventing potential damage during loading and unloading processes. Additionally, the end tie plate serves as a reliable solution for tying warehouse rack systems together back-to-back, particularly suitable for racks positioned flush with one another in a seamless configuration.

Anchoring Hardware

Employ the anchoring foot to firmly secure your storage rack upright to the floor. This foot plate conveniently slides into the upright and fastens securely with bolts. The addition of a wedge anchor ensures the upright remains firmly affixed to the floor. To guarantee the utmost stability and safety during loading and unloading, it’s imperative to ensure that all warehouse rack components are both level and plumb, thereby eliminating the risk of tipping.

Not sure how much bulk storage racking you need for your space? A Republic Distributor can help you layout a complete shelving solution to meet your project budget and needs.

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