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1200 Series Visible Storage Cabinets

Product Highlights

Width Depth Height Includes Per Shelf Capacity Cabinet Extra Shelf Downloads
36″ 18″ 78″ 4 Full-Width Adjustable Shelves 110 lbs RS1281V RS12551 Elevation Drawing
36″ 24″ 110 lbs RS1291V RS12601 Elevation Drawing

1200 Series Visible Storage Cabinets

Republic has been making storage solutions like our 1200 series visible storage cabinets since 1930. These cabinets with see through doors give you space to hold either office supplies and stationery or even products. You can also use these in school classrooms. These metal cabinets offer all the great features of a Republic cabinet but at a lower price.

Durable Steel Construction

Republic 1200 series visible storage cabinets feature durable steel construction. The square front corners and straight lines provide this metal storage cabinet with a modern look. The doors feature Plexiglas windows. The windows on both doors allow you to see all items inside without opening the doors. The double doors open wide to allow you full access to all areas of the cabinet. Each of the double pan type doors include three hinges. This helps maintain the door alignment. Our “Quiet Door” feature reduces noise when you are opening and closing the cabinet. The 2-3/4″ high base provides extra toe room below the storage cabinet when the doors are open. This also helps raise items on the bottom shelf so you don’t have to reach down as far to grab them.

This visible storage cabinet with doors features a 3-point locking system. Thanks to the door reinforcements, the locking system has a snag free operation. The polished chrome plated handle easily turns to hold the doors closed. An integrated grooved key lock provides further security. The lock includes two keys allowing you to secure items in your cabinet. All of our 1200 series storage cabinets feature a durable Dove Gray powder coat paint finish that will stand up to harsh use.

Adjustable Cabinet Shelves

All of our visible storage cabinets include four shelves. Each full width shelf provides a capacity of 110 lbs. These shelves are fully adjustable on 3/4″ centers without tools. Simply release the four corner clips, reposition the shelf, and add the clips back in where needed. This lets you easily change your shelf spacing when your storage needs change.

Assembly and Installation

You can order these visible storage cabinets either unassembled or assembled. Using the included nuts and bolts, you can easily put a metal storage cabinet together. To save yourself time, you can order your new cabinet already professionally assembled. Republic’s assembly team uses pop rivets in place of using nuts and bolts. Using pop rivets ensures a strong and durable assembly.

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