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Gravity Flow Racks

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Gravity Flow Racks
Height Standard Heavy-Duty
72″ High RSBR483672 RSBGF483672
84″ High RSBR483684 RSBGF483684

Gravity Flow Racks

Republic’s gravity flow racks provide a versatile inventory flow solution tailored to various storage requirements. These gravity racking systems come with a resilient powder coat finish in Dove Gray, ensuring long-term protection against daily wear and tear. They are perfect for applications where items have a quick turnover rate, such as in pharmaceuticals and healthcare facilities, allowing efficient storage of medical supplies and time-sensitive inventory rotation. These FIFO racking solutions are also beneficial for perishable goods, reducing waste by optimizing inventory rotation. Additionally, our carton flow racks enhance the precision and speed of picking automotive parts like spare components and batteries, contributing to the seamless operation of these facilities.

What Are Gravity Flow Racks?

A gravity flow racking system features cleverly offset levels, with the rear being higher than the front. When an item is taken from the front, the others gracefully slide forward, ensuring that items are always at the forefront for easy access. Perfect for warehouses, this system simplifies the process of picking items, eliminating the need for workers to strain or reach for items at the back of a rack level.

Standard-Duty Gravity Flow Rack

Republic’s standard-duty gravity flow racks are constructed with 14-gauge steel uprights, featuring four angle uprights with keyhole slots for securing the rivet rack beams. These steel beams easily drop into the slots, creating a sturdy structure. Available in 72″ or 84″ heights, the gravity flow racks come with double rivet beams for enhanced rigidity and strength. Each rack comprises four levels, with two width beams and two depth beams per level, and the spacing is adjustable at 1-1/2-inch intervals. The racks offer an overall weight capacity of 1,000 lbs per level and include wire decking with waterfall edges to prevent shifting or items sliding off. Proper anchoring is recommended for installation, and Republic provides rivet rack foot plates and wedge anchors for securing the posts to the floor.

Heavy-Duty Gravity Flow Rack

Republic’s heavy-duty gravity flow racks are built with two fully welded 14-gauge steel uprights, reinforced by tubular bracing MIG welded to the post, ensuring added stability and strength. The rack uprights offer versatile vertical adjustment of beams without any dead spots, and one pair can support up to 10,000 lbs. The eight heavy-duty beams, constructed from 14-gauge steel with a unique “Z” design, create four levels and have an impressive load capacity of 3,000 lbs per pair of 48-inch-wide beams. These racks also come with wire decking, featuring waterfall edges, resistant to shifting, and galvanized to resist corrosion. Assembly and proper anchoring are recommended for installation, with bulk storage rack anchor feet and wedge anchors included for securing the uprights.

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