16 Person Multi-Robe Clearview Locker – Classic Tan

  • See through doors are made from shatter proof plastic
  • Features pull handles with built-in padlock hasp
  • Made in the USA
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Republic’s 23RS5990PC 16 person Multi-Robe Clearview locker is one of our clear front lockers. You can find this staff room locker in offices and workplaces all over the USA. Republic has long been America’s leading manufacturer of quality steel visible lockers. Multitier box lockers such as our Multi-Robe are great for when you need lots of doors in a smaller space. This includes offices, factories, warehouses, and gyms. These employee lockers take up only one square foot of space per person!

The 23RS5990PC 16 person Multi-Robe Clearview locker is a bridge locker for up to 16 people. We make the door frame from 16-gauge steel and then lap and weld the door frame corners of the metal cube locker for a strong and rigid assembly. Republic makes the body parts out of 24-gauge steel. These workplace storage lockers for office staff also include an integrated coat rod for hanging garment storage.

We make the entire door out of polycarbonate plastic. This allows you to view the entire contents of an employee break room locker. Instead of a Plexiglas window insert, Republic chose to make the full door from polycarbonate plastic. We chose this plastic because it offers some important benefits. Polycarbonate plastic is both lightweight and durable. Most importantly it is shatter proof. It is the best option for clear view lockers. These clear lockers give you a unmatched level of security.

The 23RS5990PC 16 person Multi-Robe Clearview locker frame includes 6-inch-high legs to provide toe room below the locker door. We also punch each see-through locker door towards the top for a number plate. Adding optional personalized Number Plates helps people identify which locker is their locker.

Built-In Lock Options

The 23RS5990PC 16 person Multi-Robe Clearview locker includes a pull handle that can hold a user provided padlock. You can also upgrade your office storage lockers with Built-In Locker Locks. Our 16 door Metal Lockers with pull handles can be fitted with a Zephyr 1954 built-in combination lock. If you prefer a key lock, you can also fit these 16 compartment steel lockers with a built-in flat key lock that comes with 2 keys.

You can order the 23RS5990PC 16 person Multi-Robe Clearview locker either unassembled or assembled. If you want to save yourself some time, you can have Republic professionally assemble your new lockers. We will pop rivet your new Republic lockers together for a strong and durable assembly. Then all you have to do is install them.

As part of installing your new 16 door steel lockers from Republic, you should make sure they are properly anchored. Republic strongly recommends that you anchor your lockers to either the wall or floor or both if possible. This helps prevent 16 door lockers from tipping over when they are top heavy. Republic has foot anchors to help you secure these metal lockers with legs.

Republic offers the 23RS5990PC 16 person Multi-Robe Clearview locker in our Classic Tan powder coat paint finishes. The powder coat paint will help protect your steel lockers from everyday use. We make these metal lockers in the USA.

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Additional information

Weight 185 lbs

Classic Tan


69" Wide


18" Deep


78" High

Locker Frame Width

12" Wide

Number Of Locker Frames


Number Of Locker Openings

16 Doors

Opening Dimensions

12"w x 12"h


Assembled, Unassembled


16-Gauge Body

Handle Type

Pull Handle

Package Quantity

1 Unit