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5 Drawer Bench Height Modular Drawer Cabinet

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The Republic 5 drawer modular cabinet is a high density storage solution for small and medium sized items. Our modular drawer systems are great for organizing and storing hardware, tools, or even products. We have been making storage products like our industrial storage drawer cabinets in the USA since 1930. These metal drawer cabinets can help reduce your storage footprint while reducing time spent looking for items.

Cabinet Housing

We start the cabinet housing of our 5 drawer modular cabinet with a reinforced bottom. The bottom has a wide base opening to allow a forklift to access these heavy-duty metal drawer cabinets. This will allow you to move them around your facility with ease. There are knock-out holes on the sides and back so that you can easily attach multiple industrial modular drawer cabinets together. Our steel drawer cabinets have a powder coat paint finish to help protect them from every day use.

Modular Drawers

Our 5 drawer modular cabinet comes with the most reliable drawer suspension in the industry. It provides smooth operation while allowing a weight capacity of up to 400 lbs per drawer. Each drawer fully extends open. This will allow you to see all the items stored in your modular storage drawers. We designed the drawer handles to have a built-in label holder. Proper labeling of high density drawer cabinets improves speed and efficiency of finding and picking items.

Layout Kits

We include layout kits with this 5 drawer modular cabinet to create a total of 104 compartments. Our layout kits are made up of partitions that slide into slots on the sides of the drawers. Then dividers slide into the slotted partitions to subdivide the drawers into smaller compartments. Easily move partitions and dividers to accommodate different items or tools. Republic’s versatile design allows your storage solution to change when your needs change.

Drawer Access and Lock

The Republic 5 drawer modular cabinet comes with multi drawer access. The allows someone to open more than one drawer at the same time. It also comes with a standard lock with 2 keys. This will allow you to secure the contents of your industrial drawer cabinets with a single lock on the unit.

Republic strongly recommends you properly anchor your new 5 drawer modular cabinet when installing. This will help prevent tipping. We include a template with our heavy-duty drawer cabinets to make anchoring easy.

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