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Modular Drawer Cabinets


Stock Modular Drawer Cabinets are ready to ship! Each cabinet includes a forklift base, multiple drawer access, and a standard lock.

5 Drawer Modular Cabinet Standard Wide Bench Height

Republic has been helping companies reduce their storage footprint since 1930. Our industrial modular drawer cabinets can help you store small and medium sized items more efficiently. You can see a reduction of up to 50% in the space you use for storage with modular drawer systems from Republic. These versatile industrial drawer cabinets can be used to store hardware, tools, or products.

What Are Industrial Modular Drawer Cabinets?

These metal drawer cabinets feature drawers with slots. These slots let you divide the modular drawers into compartments using partitions and dividers. There is an endless amount of ways you can divide up the drawers. You can easily change up the layout so when your needs change so does your modular storage drawers. These modular drawer storage cabinets will come with layout kits already installed. Then all you need to do is add or remove partitions and dividers.

Building Block Approach

Republic uses a building block approach when it comes to our industrial modular drawer cabinets. This lets you easily put together a complete storage system. Our steel drawer cabinets come in six standard housing heights and five widths. This lets you match industrial storage drawer cabinets with accessories such as overhead storage cabinets or shelf units. Republic’s design will also make it easy to add on in the future when your company’s storage needs grow as your business grows.

Standard Features

These industrial modular drawer cabinets come with heavy-duty drawers. The suspension holds up to 400 lbs per drawer. Each drawer fully extends so you can see 100% of the stored contents. There is a single key lock that lets you secure the entire cabinet. Each drawer handle has a label so you can clearly note what is stored in each drawer. The forklift base will let you easily move your heavy-duty metal drawer cabinets anywhere within your facility. Our high density drawer cabinets come in our standard Dove Gray, Jet Black, or Wedgewood Blue powder coat paint finish. This will help protect your heavy-duty drawer cabinets from every day use.

Need help figuring out which modular drawer cabinets best fit your needs? A Republic Distributor can help you figure which cabinets will meet your needs.