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Standard Corridor Lockers

Material Highlights

Republic’s Standard Locker offers economical storage of personal effects in schools, parks and recreation areas. Our Standard Lockers serve as the industry benchmark for durability as well as reliability and value.

Material 16 or 18 Gauge Door and 16 Gauge Frame with 24 Gauge Body Parts
Assembly Unassembled or Assembled
Hinge Full loop, 2″ 5-knuckle hinges
Handle Stainless steel recessed handle with finger lift. Accepts a padlock or a built-in lock. Meets ADA requirements for accessibility.
Ventilation Louvers; door perimeter

Republic has been a leading manufacturer of quality steel corridor lockers in the USA since 1930. You can find our metal lockers in school hallways across the country. Republic’s standard corridor lockers offer economical storage in schools, parks and recreation areas, and office locker rooms. 

Our corridor lockers have the same features as our steel lockers but are designed to be recessed into the wall. Recessing metal lockers into a wall helps keep hallways as wide as possible for foot traffic. Republic offers finish trim pieces to complete the look of your lockers. Known by its recessed handle and distinctive door louvers, Republic lockers serve as the industry benchmark for reliability and value.

Features of Standard Corridor Lockers

Republic makes our standard lockers from cold-rolled steel. The doors are either 16-gauge or 18-gauge steel depending on the size. All the locker frames are 16-gauge steel while the body parts are 24-gauge steel. We lap and weld the frame corners for added strength. 

Depending on the tier, our standard corridor lockers will come with either a recessed lift handle or a pull handle. Both styles of handles will accept a user provided padlock for added security. Upgrade to either built-in combination locks or key locks. Lockers with a recessed lift handle have a lockbar latch system to ensure security.

Republic standard corridor lockers come with louvers on the doors for air flow. We also punch the doors to fit a locker number plate. The Republic number tag will let anyone easily identify which locker is their locker. We offer our standard corridor lockers in our 34 colors. The powder coat paint finish will help protect your steel lockers from everyday use. Order your lockers either knocked down or have Republic professionally assemble them for you. 

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