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Cell Phone Lockers With USB Charging

Product Highlights


Indulge in unmatched convenience and security with our 69RSCP799 cell phone locker. This stylish and space-efficient locker is designed to cater to modern needs, offering a secure storage solution for your devices while ensuring they stay charged. Each compartment is spacious, providing a safe spot for cell phones or small personal items, making it a perfect choice for schools, offices, gyms, or shared spaces. With integrated USB charging ports in every compartment, you can easily power up your devices while they rest securely.

The 69RSCP799 cell phone locker features 18-gauge, one-piece doors and 24-gauge body parts, ensuring durability and strength. Republic employs lap and weld techniques at the door frame corners to create a robust and rigid structure. The steel pull handle comes equipped with a hasp, allowing users to lock it with their padlock for added security. This friction handle includes raised bumps that firmly hold the door shut when not in use. These lockers boast a resilient powder coat finish, available in our Monorail Gray option, ensuring longevity and a sleek look.

Master Door and Handle

When secured in the closed position, the master door handle seamlessly aligns with the surface of the 69RSCP799 cell phone locker. Upon unlocking, this handle disengages and transitions into a turning mechanism, simplifying the process of opening the master door. As the master door swings wide open, it unveils the entire front panel, granting access to all 15 compartments.

USB Charging Outlets and Converter

Inside every compartment of the 69RSCP799 cell phone locker, you’ll discover an individual USB-A charging outlet thoughtfully attached to the locker’s rear. We’ve strategically placed the converter at the bottom of the center door, ensuring optimal efficiency. To accommodate various setups, the converter’s AC plug can be neatly routed either through the locker’s bottom or its rear, providing adaptable convenience.

Assembly and Installation

The 69RSCP799 cell phone locker arrives fully assembled, with Republic’s assembly team employing pop rivets for a sturdy and long-lasting construction. We strongly advise anchoring your new metal lockers during installation for added stability. This locker package includes two mounting brackets and the necessary hardware for a secure wall mounting process.

Locks and Accessories

Enhance your 69RSCP799 cell phone locker with the option to integrate built-in locker locks. Customize your lockers with pull handles, choosing either a Zephyr built-in combination lock for added security or a built-in flat key lock, which includes two keys. Additionally, each locker comes with number plates, simplifying the identification of individual lockers.

Need help planning your locker project? A Republic Distributor can work with you to figure out the which style of these lockers meet your project needs.

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