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Adjustable Workbench Components

Material Highlights


Sell Sheet

Workbench Tops And Back And Side Stops
Size Hardwood Painted Steel Shop Top Back And Side Stops
48″w x 30″d RS232715 RS232765 RS232739 RS232600
48″w x 36″d RS232716 RS232766 RS232740 RS232601
60″w x 30″d RS232717 RS232767 RS232741 RS232602
60″w x 36″d RS232718 RS232768 RS232742 RS232603
72″w x 30″d RS232719 RS232769 RS232743 RS232604
72″w x 36″d RS232720 RS232770 RS232744 RS232605
96″w x 36″d RS232722 RS232774 RS232745 N/A
Adjustable Legs (2 Pack)
30″ Depth 36″ Depth
RS232758 RS232759
Locking Drawer
Stringers, Risers, And Lower Shelves
Component Width Part #
Stringers 48″ Wide RS232650
60″ Wide RS232651
72″ Wide RS232652
Risers 48″ Wide RS232624
60″ Wide RS232625
72″ Wide RS232626
Lower Shelves 48″ Wide RS232640
60″ Wide RS232642
72″ Wide RS232644

Adjustable Workbench Components

Explore our wide array of components for Republic’s metal workbenches. We offer everything you need to create your ideal workspace, whether it’s a garage workshop, manufacturing facility, or DIY haven. Our versatile components enable you to build or enhance your adjustable workbench with precision.

Workbench Surfaces

Choose from our resilient painted steel workbench tops, perfect for enduring heavy usage in industrial settings. For a classic touch, opt for our hardwood workbench tops, providing both sturdiness and timeless aesthetics. If you need surfaces that can withstand the harshest conditions, our shop tops are chemical, impact, and heavy-duty-resistant. Select the workbench top surface that suits your specific requirements.

Legs and Stringers

The foundation of our workbenches is composed of these metal components. Our open panel legs are robust and dependable, offering a stable base for your workbench to ensure unwavering support for your projects. To maintain overall stability and securely connect the workbench legs, our stringers are essential, preventing any wobbling in your workspace.

Workbench Add-Ons

In addition to our components, we offer optional accessories for our metal workbenches. Our lockable drawers provide secure storage for your tools and small items, adding convenience to your workbench setup. Expand your storage capabilities by incorporating lower shelves into your workbench, keeping larger items accessible and decluttering your workspace.

If you require extra space, create an additional tier for workspace or displays using our risers. To enhance safety and prevent items from rolling or falling off your workbench, consider our back and end stops, allowing you to focus on your tasks with confidence.

Our components provide flexibility and customization options for both building a workbench from scratch or upgrading an existing one. Tailor your workspace to your tasks and preferences using Republic’s adjustable workbench components. Discover the possibilities and elevate your productivity today.

Not sure how best to build a workbench for your space? A Republic Distributor can help you layout a complete workbench solution to meet your project budget and needs.

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