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2000 Series Closed Clip Shelving with Beaded Posts

Product Highlights


Dimensions Capacity 5 Shelves 6 Shelves 7 Shelves
W x D (lbs) Starter Add-on Starter Add-on Starter Add-on
36″ x 12″ 800 DP3055 DP3058 DP3067 DP3070 DP3079 DP3082
36″ x 18″ 850 DP3056 DP3059 DP3068 DP3071 DP3080 DP3083
36″ x 24″ 800 DP3057 DP3060 DP3069 DP3072 DP3081 DP3084
48″ x 12″ 500 DP3155 DP3158 DP3167 DP3170 DP3179 DP3182
48″ x 18″ 550 DP3156 DP3159 DP3168 DP3171 DP3180 DP3183
48″ x 24″ 550 DP3157 DP3160 DP3169 DP3172 DP3181 DP3184

2000 Series Closed Clip Shelving with Beaded Posts

Republic makes industrial clip shelving to fit your storage needs. Our closed metal shelving units can be found in businesses and warehouses across the country. They are the perfect, budget friendly option for storing and organizing smaller products. Republic has been an industry leader in closed shelving units since 1930.

Republic 2000 series closed steel shelving with beaded posts has closed sides and backs. Enclosed steel shelving is ideal when stored materials require either additional protection or containment. Closed industrial steel shelving is available in different depths and widths. We stock our clip shelving in our standard Dove Gray finish. The powder coat paint finish will protect your closed steel shelving from everyday use.

Uprights and Sides and Back

This 2000 series closed steel clip shelving comes with beaded post uprights on the front corners and angle post uprights on the rear corners. Republic roll forms the beaded posts from 14-gauge steel for maximum strength. We make the back and side panels from 24-gauge steel. Republic ships the upright and side panels as pre-welded assemblies with panels secured to the upright posts. This will make assembling and installing your new shelving fast and easy.

Starters and Add-Ons

You can use Republic 2000 series closed steel shelving with beaded posts as a standalone unit or with add-on sections. Join add-ons to a starter to create rows of shelving. Starter sections will come with upright assemblies with 2 beaded post uprights for the front corners and 2 angle post uprights for each of the rear corners. Add-on sections will come with assemblies with 1 beaded post for the front and 2 angle posts for the back. The double posts will provide added stability for sections of shelving in the middle of a row. Not sure how much closed industrial shelving you need for your space? A Republic Distributor can help you layout a complete shelving solution to meet your project budget and needs.

Adjustable Shelves

Our versatile 2000 series closed steel shelving with beaded posts comes with fully adjustable shelves. We roll form the shelves from 20-gauge steel. Our shelf design features box formations in both the front and rear of each shelf. These heavy-duty shelves can hold up to 850 lbs. Each shelf sits on 4 compression clips that we form from 13-gauge steel. The Republic clip design lets you easily adjust these steel closed shelves on 1-1/2-inch vertical centers.

Shelving Accessories

Republic has a huge selection of accessories to get the most out of your 2000 series closed steel shelving with beaded posts. We make shelf dividers to create dedicated areas on a shelf for products. Bin fronts help keep items from rolling off a shelf. The front base closes off the bottom of the shelf to help prevent items from rolling under the section which helps keep your facility neat and clean. There are steel and plastic shelf bins for storing smaller loose items such as parts or hardware. Get label holders so people can easily find stored items. Finally, get all the parts you need to make sure your enclosed metal shelving unit is properly anchored and secured in place.

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